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Lucy1771 Lucie VIGOR says,
Jacob-Israel" married Rachel... after a very long Trip, a Strange Dream where a big and infinite Scale, was put "between Earth and The Sky", and Angels were "Rolling Up, Rolling Down" of This Scale and a Voice Said : Do You See The Stars = Your Children and AFTER... will Be "MOST NUMEROUS THAN ALL THE STARS YOU ARE ABLE TO SEE"... Then, just before arrival to "THE FOUTAIN": ALL DURING A NIGHT, JACOB WAS OBLIGE TO STRUGGLE AGAINST A "SORT OF HUGE ANGEL" = THE BATTLE WAS SO STRONG AND HARD, THAT JACOB'S LEG WAS HURT WITH A GREAT DAMAGE... AT THE SUNSET, THE ANGEL SAID:...YOU HAVE STRUGGLED ALL THE NIGHT "AGAINST THE ONE"... AND YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WITH THE HARDEST NECK. Now, Your Name will Be IS RAEL = "STRONG AGAINST GOD". Then, Jacob Israel, married Rachel and they are living at the Father's Home of Rachel. All The Family had a Big Cattle and Jacob wanted "HIS OWN CATTLE"!!!. But at Each Birthday Time : The Rachel's Father said = NO, NO, NO... THERE ARE ALL THE SAME... AND THEY ARE MY CATTLE !!!... (Shit, Shit, Shit: was The Silent Response of Jacob...). One Nignght He REMENBERED "The Big Scale and The Strongest Struggle"... and : He was sure that HIS SOLUTION'PROBLEM = WAS TO CALL AND TO "DEMAND" ("hardest neck" He Was Named !!!) : ... "PLEASE, HOW TO OBTAIN ONE DAY : MY OWN CATTLE AND FREE FAMILY" ???... The Response WAS SO DIRECT THAT QUESTION First:..."YOU TAKE A PART OF THE CATTLE WHOM COLOUR IS BLACK"... Second: ... "YOU TAKE A PART OF THE CATTLE WHOM COLOUR IS WHITE"... Third: ... "YOU MIXED THEM"... Too Easy !!! After: ... "THE BABIES WHO'LL BE BLACK AND WHITE" WILL BE YOUR CATTLE./ When I Have Seen the gentle "Dalmatians" = I REMEMBERED THE OLD STORY, and... = WHEN I SEE ALL THE MANKIND... WITH THE "STUPID AND HISTORIC BLOODY NONSENSE ABOUT COLORS A.S.O."... I REMEMBERED "THE ONE MIXED FAMILY, WHO WAS A PURE REALITY OF BROTHERHOODNESS FOR ALL OF US"... And a Special Bernard LAVILLIERS'Song Recall US : ..."Whatever The Country, Whatever The Colour: MUSIC IS A CRY GENERATED BY INSIDE"... AND I'm Able To Confirmed You = "ALL LIVING IS MUSIC