Stone House

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Stone House

Author: Pat McMullen
Added: 11 years ago
Published At: 2008-06-14
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radiostudy , 11 years ago

Awesomely tactile invitation to exploration! Much better with higher resolution though, on original website. Appreciate your skill and the mood. Could hardly believe it was a photo and not a painting.

Lucy1771 , 11 years ago

Perhaps : "Babayaga House", or "Marzin Little Castle", hidden in the Pen Ar Land Old Arkoat, when Arthus was His Little Student ???

Personnaly, its a very old dream: TO MEET THEM, IN THIS REAL "STARGATE", because : What You Are Thinking or Laughing... When You Read around my dreams...... = THEY 'LL BE ALWAYS JUST "UPPER YOUR SADNESS ONES". Arthus or Marzin, or Babayaga = listen "The House put on a Goose Foot" from Moussorgsky' Exposition Pictures... Orchested by Maurice Ravel = Then, YOU'LL UNDERSTAND VERY WELL WHAT I SAY, JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR JOY...

WHAT IS THE DREAM, WHEN HE IS MOST REAL THAN REAL ??? Said a too young King = just before a last trip, around a "Bavarish Black Lake"... and I "Demand You" : WHAT IS REALITY... AFTER ALL !!!./


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