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Added: 11 years ago
Published At: 2008-05-27
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Lucy1771 , 11 years ago

HI, When I Think about our actual "Way of Life" for Humanity and every thing around in The Nature : it's easy To UNDERSTAND "WHY WE ARE ON THE POINT TO CRASH"... We were HERE AND THEN = To Be a Sort of "Good Gardeners"..... BUT, WE DESTROYED ALL THE GARDEN = "OUR NEST" !!!... Do You Know just one sort of "Chicky Monkey Animal", who is so stupid to DESTROY HIS OWN NEST ???... Personnaly : I DON'T KNOW ONE OF THEM. Please, Just Take a Look... What "Mother Nature" is also Able To Answer Us... : WHEN SHE NOT AGREE ABOUT OUR MADNESS. Last, but not The Least : "This Garden WAS THE FIRST PLAN FOR US" = AND, WE DON'T HAVE "NOWADAY A SECOND PLAN TO ESCAPE". Hello NOAH, Have You Built Another Arch ??? It's YES : WHERE HAD YOU HIDEN HER ??? Thanks for Your Speedy Answer : IT'S URGENT NOW.

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