who are you?

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who are you?


Added: 11 years ago
Published At: 2008-07-16
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Lucy1771 , 11 years ago

Who are You ???... I Can't Tell You Who I'm !!! its a Strange Funny Day : In This Unlimited Forest, I met many sort of anyelse living who don't speak like me... Impossible to organize a mini "Forest Animals Congress".

You are watching me with a non confomist way to see "A Friend" apparently. So... I Beg Your pardon... but : I must to be in a Dinner Party, very far from Here... and I keep away with my Ufo from UMMO !!! : Do you Know The Twin Solars System of My Earth = UMMO ??????? Bye, I return Here in a few millions Years = Are You Still HERE ??? and Your Planet So ???... I Don't Believe that./ Lucy1771

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