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Added: 11 years ago
Published At: 2008-05-23
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labellaluna , 11 years ago

Thank have such a beautiful way of expressing art...

susanrose , 11 years ago

This beautiful picture with an angle that makes the eye crawl along the green grass ledge with the dark abyss which lies below and the warm sun peering in, this picture is something that makes me want to step inside and explore all the beauty, to touch and feel all the different surfaces and seek out the entire area. Such a beautiful shot! (my last post didn't take all the words)

susanrose , 11 years ago

This is absolutely beautiful, mere words cannot express the beauty, darkness intrigues the eye beneath the ledge of green grass encircling this abyss like area

Lucy1771 , 11 years ago

When I'm Thinking about "The Dante Big Travel" From Hell To Paradise: It's EXACTLY WHAT I SEE....... IN MY MIND, SPIRIT, EVERY DREAMS.



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