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Published At: 2008-10-15
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Lucy1771 , 11 years ago

a tiny winny place to escape, BUT a place where I have "everything what I want": Sweet Food, Nice Room (to be Totally "quite") and a Great Window... to See ALL AROUND ME = without fear, as I am "a poor little sort of mouse ALONE in a HUGE MEADOW"... BUT = I Realise Suddently having Just two problems : ONE = My Lodge is too small apparently for my tail !!! TWO = If... I'm Falling In Love... = WHERE IS THE DOUBLE ROOM ???... Shit, Shit, Shit : Live is not so easy as always you think... Poor Little "Chicky Monkey" as I'm !!! a strange alien animal said me one day :... You Know, My Dear, The Earth is Biggest than Your Little Brain is able to imagine, and they are other countries where you should find = REALLY WHAT YOU WANT... BUT : You are "Too Little and Poor", to reach them"... Then My Dear in your case: THE BEST FOR YOU IS TO DREAM, TO DREAM AND NO THINKING... IS TOO BAD FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH./

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