Joseph Holmes - The Blemange

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Joseph Holmes - The Blemange

Added: 11 years ago
Published At: 2008-11-11
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roserosepat , 11 years ago

I am so glad ya'll have enjoyed these photos as much as I have. I lived in Arizona while my husband was stationed in the Air Force. Believe me, there is absolutely so much beauty there, we never had to spend any money to have a good time. Everywhere we went, it just got bigger and better. And yes, you do have to take in a deep breath, and thank God that it really does exist here on Earth! To look up at so much beauty and raw creation, it will bring tears to your eyes. And, at those very moments, nothing else in this whole wide World matters! I would honestly love to go back and spend the rest of my days there. Absolutely, no doubt! Besides Grand Canyon being one of the "Seven Wonders" of the World, Arizona had to be one of God's favorite places to be. I can just imagine that it was a creation for the "Seventh Day" to rest, because He truly left His awesome "Foot Prints in the Sand". We are truly blessed.

PS: My hat goes off to Mr. Joseph Holmes! Thanks for sharing and helping me remember there is something bigger than me and my everyday worries. May God Bless you.

Fire , 11 years ago

Nice framing. Interesting location. Look foward to more from photographer at this location for a set.

Lucy1771 , 11 years ago

Its possible to ear and see "all civilisations vibrations", Incorporated and Printed into "Our Earth Landscapes"...

Be Silent : and LISTEN !!!... These Melodies, Harmonies, Amazing Knowledge, are......... IN YOUR CELLS INTIMITY, LIKE YOU CAN FOUND THEM IN THE MANY ROOMS OF "UNIVERSALS EMBRYO-GENESIS"./


doc4win , 11 years ago

This is 4 the moment my prefered picture of this world °_^

topman48 , 11 years ago

This is absolutely stunning If I had not seen this pic on foxsavers I would not have believed that this pic was somewhere on earth!!

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