Mile Marker 13

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Mile Marker 13

Added: 11 years ago
Published At: 2008-05-27
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Lucy1771 , 11 years ago

... Perhaps : it's "The Road From Vegas To Nowhere"... and I'm ALONE AND I CRY "Hear Me, I'm Calling You"......... = IN THE TOO BIG SKY./

... Perhaps : it's "The Road To Go JUST AT DEVIL'S TOWER".... and We Are "More and More" on this same way = TO ENCOUNTER "THE OTHERS" whom anybody said : "Are You Good OR Murders"... Responses Are : JUST AS YOU ARE !!!!!!!. But, even this "Big Sky" = IT'S NOT A "MONTANA ROAD", I'm Despite of that... Perhaps in New Mexico or Arizona or Colorado ??? = BUT, JUST: "I WANT TO BELIEVE"............ = DREAMLAND, SURE !!!./

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