spiegelung am potsdamer platz von ngn

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spiegelung am potsdamer platz von ngn

Author: ngn
Added: 11 years ago
Published At: 2008-06-27
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Lucy1771 , 11 years ago

Do You Know Mister Léonardo da Vinci ??? Beyond all the "pseudo secrets" around His "HUGE WORKS" : Painter, All Inventor's Codex, Every Machines, Motors, Ways to Flight and to go very deep "Under The Sea"... (Robur The Conqueror, Ardan (Nadar "IN MORROR") or Captain Nemo: were some children of Léonardo !!!. In MUSIC = There are ONLY A 17 MESURES PARTITION, about a sort of Words and Notes' Puzzle... Who Apparently Speaks about "LOVE".

Do You Know Mister Léonardo da Vinci AND "THE GREAT MIRROR" ???.. it was to observe very far into UNIVRSES, and his diameter was biggest that The Palomar' One... The matter of this mirror, was not in "Glass": whatever, at this Time = EVEN THE SORCERS MIRROR WERE IN GLASS... The Mirror was thinked to Be "IN QUARTZ"... Nowadays, some Scientist have a Good Idea to built in an "OCTOGONAL SHAPE"(The Famous Vinci Theatral Mirrors...) = AND TO BUILT THEM IN QUARTZ !!!. All is so different when you see "The Great Theater through some qualities of Quartz"... In This Way, You have the views through different sort of MICA = VERY NICE !!!.

About the Picture whom I want submit a little comment : its typically a Vinci Theatral Mirror, and, perhaps there are ONLY 2 CARS... JUST IN A CORNER OF THE SORT OF MIRORS. In the same, just with 2 persons, you can see "a crouwdy picture"... WHERE IS THE REALITY IN THE PSEUDO REEL THAT WE BUILT WITH SOME VERY DIFFERENT TOOLS, LINKED WITH OUR MENTAL STRUCTURES, AND OUR LOGIC CODE OR THOUGHTNESS...

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