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Published At: 2008-06-14
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Lucy1771 , 11 years ago

BEFORE : Its was possible "to walk in your footsteps"... (Thanks Mister STING !!!)...

TODAY : We are not ABSOLUTLY SURE to "Have any sort of FUTURE on The Earth, for anyelse Livins Shape"...

AFTER : ..."Hello !!!, Anybody Around There ???"... No Museum were you can see : Dinosaurus, Mamouth, Elephants, Cats, Rocky Rakoons, Tigers, Monkeys, Blue Turtles (...), even NO MAN !!!. No Water on this "Sand's Planet", a.s.o. Just = it will be possible : TO SEE "VERY STRANGES AND HUDGES STONES"... put together, in a too Non Logic way... They are an Unbelievable "Megalithic Sandwich" = WITHOUT MEAT AROUND BONES... and They have NO SENSE FOR THE FIRST EXPLORER...: IN TWENTY MILLIONS YEARS, OF OUR "NO FUTUR"... After a "LONG WEEK END" without any live, on The Too Beautifull "BLUE PLANET". GOOD LUCK FOR ANY LIFE, EVEN IF MANKIND WERE TOO FOOL TO MAKE UN OVERKILL FOR HIS CHILDREN. Just before sleep, have a little smile = TO OURS KIDS... Because, this Planet is not our monay : WE ARE JUST A SORT OF ALIEN, MORE ALIEN THAN A "STARS DUCK", IN YOUR OWN AND SO LITTLE GARDEN, AN FOGGY DECEMBER SUNRISE...


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